Our ethos have always been about creating quality cruelty free vegan, natural and effective skincare. We strive to create the best natural products that is both accessible and affordable for everyone. 

But we don't just care about animals and humans alike, we care about our planet too. The skincare industry needs a good clean up.

Clean Formulas - Micro-plastic and Synthetic Chemical free
Our clean, cruelty-free, vegan formulas are just the start. We don't use any marine toxic ingredients, micro-plastics beads or synthetics chemicals (dyes/synthemic fragrances/SLS) that can leech into the oceans. These toxic ingredients have shown to affect the marine life, by being consumed by fishes, polluting the waters and damaging coral reefs. 

Instead of micro plastic beads, we use salt and sugar as natural exfoliants, and botanical oils, extracts and botanical preservatives instead of synthetic chemicals, that are safer and cleaner for the environment.

From production to packaging, we are constantly looking for ways to be greener and as sustainable as we can be. 

Plastic Neutral Packaging

In addition to clean ingredients, what our products are packaged in matters, too. The plastics, aluminium and glass used in our packaging are recycle-able (learn how to recycle our packaging here). We use as minimal packaging as possible when packing our orders, and if needed, re-used bubble wrap may be used (thank you to Handmade Heroes friends and family for donating them!).

In 2020, we are working with Seven Clean Seas to clean up and have recovered a total 1,630kg of plastic from the marine environment, specifically, the South China Sea.

Minimizing Waste through Small Batch Manufacturing

To minimize waste, Handmade Heroes produces its products in small batches, ensuring that only the necessary amount is made to meet demand. This approach reduces excess stock, preventing unsold products from going to waste. Additionally, by manufacturing everything in-house, we have greater control over production processes, allowing us to optimize efficiency and minimize material waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Carbon Offsetting
In our on-going efforts to reduce waste and reduce our carbon emission, Handmade Heroes has worked with Climate Partner to off set 268,944kg CO2 in 2022.

Watch this space as we update more details our on sustainability efforts as we strive to create skincare that has a positive impact on the world and the industry.